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Why do you need to know about dog bite safety?

Anyone that can relate to the statements below can benefit from Bulli Ray’s special brand of services and tools:

  • An employee has had repeated issues with canine encounters that have or have not lead to an attack.
  • Someone in your company has been bitten during the course of his or her workday.
  • Your employees are unaware of how to respond when faced with an on the job canine.

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 Who needs occupational dog bite safey training?  Read below.

Who needs occupational dog bite safey training?

Any sector that puts employees into the field will need proper occupational dog bite safety training – this is not a luxury, it can be a matter of life and death! We recommend that all managers, supervisors, and new employees receive training. Veteran employees who have already been trained will need retraining in some cases, especially after a canine encounter doesn’t go as well as it should.

There are a wide range of companies that have learned how to protect employees that regularly encounter dogs.

We tailor to industries including:

  • Electric, Gas and Water Utilities
  • Municipalities
  • Phone Installers
  • Cable Installers
  • Revenue Protection
  • Customer Service/Collection/Billing
  • Delivery
  • Insurance Companies (Workman’s Compensation)
  • Animal Control/ Humane Society/ ASPCA
  • Law Enforcement
  • Construction
  • Public Works
  • City & County Inspectors – Zoning
  • Fire Departments
  • EMT'S (Emergency Medical Technicians)
  • Adult & Child Protective Services
  • Health Department
  • Parks and Recreation (Park Rangers)
  • HUD- Public Housing
  • Home Health Care
  • Waste Management (Trash pick-up)

Who We Are

Bulli Ray is the premier dog bite safety training company available for training in the United States. We offer on site classes, train the trainer courses and online training to protect you and your employees. Knowing what to expect and how to ward off an attack are key factors in minimizing the injuries and even saving lives while in the field.

Our company is known as the top training company for a reason.

Can you afford to ignore dog bite safety?

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